Ready: Load your startup!

Are you holding a spark of a remarkable startup or a groundbreaking startup idea? Ready to set sail on your entrepreneurial journey? Or perhaps you're curious about the exhilarating startup founder experience? Look no further than the 'Ready' module within the Startup Readiness Program - tailored just for you!

About the program

Our program is hands-on and interactive, with a mix of easy-to-understand concepts, practical experiments and interesting group discussions. You'll discover how to bring your startup idea to life and further validate it. Plus, you'll strengthen your entrepreneurial skills and create your own business vision along the way. Get ready to discover your passion and set your startup up for success with our engaging learning journey!


By joining this first part of the Startup Readiness Program, you will gain: the skills necessary to further develop your startup, access to a vast startup ecosystem and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. What we expect in return from you is your full commitment in attendance and completing the assignments in between. Places per program are limited, so we expect when you sign yourself up for the Ready module that you want to go for it 100%.

"The Startup Readiness Program challenges your existing ideas and helps to truly connect with your customer"

Anne Beijer | Startup RIFT Renewable Iron Fuel Technology

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