Game: Find your customer problem

Do you have a potentially repeatable, scalable startup(idea)? And would you like to discover who your customer is, or if the customer problem is big enough to solve? Then the ‘Game’ module of the Startup Readiness Program is the right choice for you!

About the program

Join us for 5 sessions (1 per week) where you'll master talking to customers to truly understand them. Our program is hands-on and interactive, with a mix of easy-to-understand concepts and personal coaching. The experts from the Brabant startup network will guide you through the journey.


By joining this second part of the Startup Readiness Program, you will get a clearer picture about the first customer segment you should want to focus on. Continuous validation is central to this. Besides, you will gain access to a vast startup ecosystem and a network of like-minded entrepreneurs. What we expect in return from you is your full commitment in attendance and completing the assignments in between. Places per program are limited, so we expect when you sign yourself up for the Game module (selection criteria apply) that you want to go for it 100%.

"Applying the knowledge from the program to my own case learned me a lot about my potential customers and hearing from the others how they executed it, helped me to learn from their experiences."

Wouter Witteman | Startup Suweve

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